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    Good news, new installations

    We reveal all about our new burner holders

    Since being subject to tighter emission restrictions, burner holders have come under increased scrutiny from the glass-manufacturing industry. Our all-new adjustable burner holders make it easier for companies to comply with more stringent emission regulations. Patented, industry-leading and available in two guises (WSH and WSM), our original burner holders feature an easy adjustable vertical axis, and mostly cross compatibility with burners from other manufacturers.

    To find out more, we carried out a Q&A with SORG’s Marketing Manager, Dr. Hartmut Hegeler, who explained what makes this unique innovation the best, and how it works.

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    A melting furnace is currently being replaced at the glass manufacturer's plant in Lohr. Also the melting capacity of the furnace for the production of amber glass will be increased from around 300 to 380 tons per day. The experts from SORG were entrusted with the furnace construction.

    You can read the full article by Main-Post here (German).


    Building through a global crisis safely with SORG

    The SORG Group was given the responsibility of planning, delivering, constructing and commissioning the first glass melting system of the Wiegand-Glas plant in Schleusingen, Germany. However, what made it even more challenging was the fact that this major project had to be carried out and completed in the middle of the global COVID-19 pandemic...

    You find the complete press release here.

    THE BEST THINGS COME IN THREES - A third successful order for SORG in Italy

    The world-renowned pioneer in glass melting and conditioning successfully rebuilt a furnace at Vetri Speciali’s Ormelle plant, followed by a second project to address issues with defective bottles at their San Vito plant in 2019, where SORG had to reduce stones and inclusions in the glass.

    Following the successful rebuild of these two furnaces, the SORG Group has been commissioned for its third project with the glass container manufacturer.

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    Obituary Helmut Sorg

    On 16th July 2020 Helmut Sorg, the long-serving managing partner of Beteiligungen Sorg GmbH, died unexpectedly at the age of 80.

    Read the full obituary via here.

    SORG on Tour in India - Mascot Company Anniversary and Glasspex India

    In addition to Mascot's fiftieth anniversary, SORG also attended Glasspex India 2019 in Mumbai. There we were able to cultivate existing contacts and have intensive discussions with potential customers. We also had the opportunity to give a talk on our innovative forehearth systems at the "Glass Industry 4.0 - 13th International Conference".

    Here you can find the complete review.

    Heinz Glas Dzialdowo starts operation of new regenerative end-fired furnace

    The company Heinz Glas Dzialdowo sp. Z o.o manufactures high-quality cosmetic bottles. Through extensive investments in all areas, the plant was repositioned to meet future requirements. The old recuperative melting plant with a melting capacity of 70 tpd – energetically, environmentally and in terms of efficiency no longer meeting the necessary standard – was replaced by a state-of-the-art SORG? end-fired furnace with a melting capacity of 150 tpd (with use of electricity expandable up to 180 tpd).

    Click here for the complete press release.

    Siam Glass Ayutthaya inaugurates new production line

    In the middle of August this year, the inauguration ceremony for the new SORG end-fired furnace was finally held at SIAM GLASS Ayutthaya. The SGA 2 furnace with a melting rate of 310 t/d was heated up in the presence of the senior management of the OSOTSPA Group.

    Click here for the complete press release.